9 Agt 2010

guess what?i'm so envy with her!HUH! (-_-")

Dev Patel^^


This is what i imagine when i'm starving-_-(not important)

They have been teasing me and makes me very hungry!RAWR!
i want it all............................................T_T


There are some photoshoot of Alexa Chung.
psst i liked her hairdo.

girl crush?-_-

psst i don't believe that this's Alexa ho ho

psst i always liked her style haha


Hulla guys,i'm sorry for the late post.i'm busy with my daily routine,wake up in the morning,go to school,studying,and ya ya ya homework homework homework and homework!but i always encouraged to go to school,i don't know why.hmm unwittingly,now we entering the month of Ramadhan,right?and we will fasting for one month.actually,i can't wait for the arrival the month of Ramadhan.i feel ya the different atmosphere.we usually  apologized to each other and say "Marhaban ya Ramadhan" :").

i'm sorry if there are mistakes that intentionally or unintentionally i've done to you guys :")



1 Agt 2010


Tomorrow is Monday,and tonight i had to prepare my school stuffs,even doing my homework.sucks.
By the way,i don't have a new school stuffs exept books,i'm still using the old.hehe.I didn't enough time to buy all of that.my mommy was busy with her work,and also with my dad.-_-.they're actually busy.fuuuuuuh.but no problem.maybe if there are times,they will ask me to buy all of that ha ha ha.


Junior High School,i remembered every moment with my beloved friends.
until now,i can't imagine that we've been separated :"( me miss you girls.
Happy Friendship Day btw.


31 Jul 2010

very surprising

yaaaap, shinta and jojo KEONG RACUN.
what a cool one,guys?begining from try to try to make a video to become famous isn't easy.right?haha i think ya this is a very very very unique phenomenon.only by uploading some videos to Youtube,they could become famous like now.even their name had been no stranger on television,newspaper,magazines,even this phenomenon reached by magazines in the UK.very surprising guys.............-__-".Keong Racun could be the number one of trending topics on Twitter.and now Keong Racun is still in trending topics......wowwwww!hahaha.
So,congrats for Shinta and Jojo^^



"we will be friends...
as long as stars twinkle in the sky 
as long as are there up high
'til oceans run dry
and 'til the day i die"

"People who love you
people who you love back
people that will always be there for you
through the good times and the bad
they make you happy when you are sad
they are angels that have yet to earn their wings
they are your dearest friends"

We've shared many smiles and many tears
It would be easier to cut off my hand than lost you as my friends
Memories can hurt but with you by my side our friendship will survive
You know guys?the only thing in this earth that will never die is a memory in our friendship we've made so many :")
So,i hope our friendship will never end^^


back to school


heyoyeyoyeyo.....back to school means that i must be prepared to face with the task assigment huh sucks!
homework,assigments,exercises,and listen to the teachers who speaking in front of the class,it would be my routine everyday,howsucks?!but i need to change my bad habits of laziness become more dilligent.change my pattern of study at junior high school.i may not often to hangout with my friends.i should focus with my lessons,and i wish i can get rank in the top ten (y).wish me luck guys :)


How about this afternoon guys?i've just woke up from my long nap hehe.and i get some inspiration to post something.yeaa creating some looks via http://looklet.com/ is one of my favorite when i'm bored.looklet learn me to be able to express the style that i like.choosing some clothes,shoes,bags,and others is something fun.and there are few results of my design.check these out^^

i can't upload some pictures.so,i can't share to you guys.i'm sorry maybe next time :).
but,you can check this link
just enjoy my page.

30 Jul 2010


Maybe you'll get bored with this one.how can?yeah talking about someone who i loved since 2years ago and about my lovelife that never goes well like other people :] it sooooo sad to hoping someone who has never love me again,it's kinda hurt me anymore.why not?he always give me an empty hope!while i can only imagine how lucky i am if i could still be his girlfriend,but it's certainly impossible :/.since two years ago i was waiting,hoping all will return.ha ha ha.my friends told me that i was so stupid because i put too much hope!now i'm tired of it all,and i always try to move on.BUT,it's not easy to forget him,everything about him was still in my mind,howfuckthisproblem?!i've tried to love others but couldn't beat my feelings to him.I wish i could forget him :")

Hell yeah.

New school , new class , new friends , new teachers , new environment , and new atmosphere.Yeah,to adaptation to everything new all isn't easy.I'm trying to deal it , although it's difficult -_-".I got accepted at 37 senior high school and there are no students from 41junior high school huh.you know what???i'm like a stranger .But now i've  friends and they're very good and friendly.And i'm so glad HAHAHA.Umm i think it's enough to make some post today cause i'm feel so sleepy-_-zzzz!Just wait for my post next time,see ya :D
It's been 2 years since we broke up and i'm still in love with you

Alexa Chung

Talking about fashion,maybe this name is familiar in fashion industry.She's beautiful, stylish, good body and admired by many people!YEAAAAAH SHE'S ALEXA CHUNG! I really love her style.Simple but i love that.Her legs is very very very  beautiful (oh uh oh god!) <--too much hihi.
This's some pictures from Alexa Chung^^

 I wish I could become a fashion icon like Alexa Chung^^ HAHAHA-_-

Love Today!

Seeing an old friends is something very pleasant. Can share stories, experiences, exchange ideas, and play together.This afternoon,after school,i met my jhs's friends or my beloved friends , of course i miss them,because we haven't seen for a long time xixi.Then,we share stories and experiences.There are many interesting from their story :).
YEAH,we took some pictures together.Check these out!

with Sarceee :)

with Anara and Maya^^

And i'm very very very happy today.Love Today!   -xoxo

New blog and some memories.

Hellaw world!
This is my new blog (YEAH), I get a little inspiration from my friends about the blog, So I tried to make it AGAIN.Umm,i think i miss ya the old moment with my beloved friends , yeah the BBBC .Even my beloved classmates 'Lavadosch'.I miss the time when we play together, jokes and laugh, cry together, singing along, hangout,etc.And!! this's just a little memories about them.Check it out.

(Hoedown Throwdown)

(Oppis Time)

(NEW's time)

Someday we will surely gather together :)