9 Agt 2010

guess what?i'm so envy with her!HUH! (-_-")

Dev Patel^^


This is what i imagine when i'm starving-_-(not important)

They have been teasing me and makes me very hungry!RAWR!
i want it all............................................T_T


There are some photoshoot of Alexa Chung.
psst i liked her hairdo.

girl crush?-_-

psst i don't believe that this's Alexa ho ho

psst i always liked her style haha


Hulla guys,i'm sorry for the late post.i'm busy with my daily routine,wake up in the morning,go to school,studying,and ya ya ya homework homework homework and homework!but i always encouraged to go to school,i don't know why.hmm unwittingly,now we entering the month of Ramadhan,right?and we will fasting for one month.actually,i can't wait for the arrival the month of Ramadhan.i feel ya the different atmosphere.we usually  apologized to each other and say "Marhaban ya Ramadhan" :").

i'm sorry if there are mistakes that intentionally or unintentionally i've done to you guys :")



1 Agt 2010


Tomorrow is Monday,and tonight i had to prepare my school stuffs,even doing my homework.sucks.
By the way,i don't have a new school stuffs exept books,i'm still using the old.hehe.I didn't enough time to buy all of that.my mommy was busy with her work,and also with my dad.-_-.they're actually busy.fuuuuuuh.but no problem.maybe if there are times,they will ask me to buy all of that ha ha ha.


Junior High School,i remembered every moment with my beloved friends.
until now,i can't imagine that we've been separated :"( me miss you girls.
Happy Friendship Day btw.