29 Des 2012

Le Bridge

Ok, guys. I don't know if it's just my feeling or everybody feel it too. But, whatever I also feel that time passed so fast! Now, we are on the end of 2012. What did ya think, guys? How's your plan to celebrate new year eve? Well, my plan for the end of this year is to reflect on everything that I've done this year and thinking of my plans next year. Hmm.... I'm so excited for NEW YEAR, yeah for 2013. Because, there will be my determination. Will I get the university that I expected or not...no body knows. Ok, yesterday me and  
my best friend, Putri Sahilani had a quality time. We went to Le Bridge (well, I think everybody knows it). We took some pics for our collection. We both know that we really really can't wait for it. Yap, In taking some pics, I don't really feel like I was so serious for it--___--.

And, we were having a bit of an obstacle. Yap, rain!!! But, luckily it didn't take a long time. So, we can continue back. Oh... ya by the way I like the board's color of the bridge. Dark chocolate. Ups, I mean dark brown. hihi.

Ohhhh ya! And the wind! I really really love it. It blowed my skirt. I felt like I can dance ya like this, maybe hohohohoo-__-

Ok, that's all guys. Enjoooooy your holidays and keep your spirit up for welcoming 2013. 
Duddleeee ^^