13 Mei 2012

Yesterday, we spent Saturday night together to celebrate Kiki's birthday party. Late party, but still nice :)


THANKS FOR THE PARTY :) we love you!

11 Mei 2012

Purple-white crown

By the time he was called me 'Princess' I would like to imagine that I was became a little princess like what he said. Although I was not like a 'princess' or even a beautiful princess. But he just liked me just the way I am. So, I've tried to make a simple crown to complete me to act like a princess. Because, I think princess is always identical with a crown on their top of their head. But, I was not wore a luxurious dress like what princess wear. So, this is me with a super simple purple white crown :)

LOOK! My eyes was too damn narrow! So, certainly I'm not a  princess from Europe, I'm a little princess made by Indonesia. Not too bad, right?haha lol. Although Justin Bieber said that Indonesia was a random country, but I think Indonesia is the country which is rich of the culture, and world has known it. tx Justin. Oya, btw I put up a very random mixed color of eye shadow on my eyelids. Haha my friend has put it up on my eyelids. tx Sarah :)