8 Agt 2013


Well, i think you guys have childhood memories, right? Every girls have their own memories with their childhood doll's. Yap, same with me. I have a lot of doll. My childhood, I spent a lot of time in my hometown. But it also just when I was under five years. Because i was born there, so my mom put all of my doll in my hometown. Until now they still kept tidy in my wardrobe. Actually, whenever i want them back, i could just took it out of the closet. But, my grandma says that a half of my doll was given to my other young sisters. Well, a bit sad. But, it was no problem. Moreover, they need it more than i did it. Because i was already grow up. And a half more of my doll still kept by my grandma. You know what? me found the lovely one. Me found my zebra police. I forget how to play with that doll. Because every child has their own way to play with their doll. So say HELLO to my Zebra Police :)


I think he misses me. I miss ya too, Ze!