6 Sep 2013


First of all, i wanna thank to god for everything that he gave to me. Here i just wanna share some old pictures. A few months ago, i had not enough time to share those pictures. You know that i was busy with my exams thingy and everyhting was just so damn nasty, i think. Not just me, everyone was busy with that thingy too. Because the exams were for determine our next college, determine our future and also make our dreams come true. If you want your dreams come true, just believe it that one day you can get all of your dreams, you can catch all of that dreams. Although it will be so hard to reach, so hard to be an optimistic person and so hard to take every reality sincerely. But everything has been written by God's hand on his scenario. We as human just can live it. So...live it well, guys. Do your best all the time :)

So...here is the pics :)